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SITE Symposium 2017 (February 10-11, 2017)

Dr. Parsa receives Lifetime Achievement Award from Hawai’i Medical Association

Dr. F. Don Parsa was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from Hawai’i Medical Association at the recent Ola Pono ‘Ike Medical Gala 2016.  Please enjoy Dr. Parsa’s “6 Rules of the Heart” that he has been teaching for almost 40 years.

KITV News: JABSOM Ophthalmologist works to correct Strabismus

Ophthalmology professor and chair, Malcolm Ing, corrects binocular vision and depth perception lost in a condition called Strabismus and urges it be done early.  Watch KITV-4 News coverage at:

Hawaii doctor: Treatment available for babies born cross eyed

Hawaiʻi surgeons honor their greatest UH medical school mentor

Three hundred people representing several generations of surgeons in Hawaiʻi paid tribute last week to a transformative medical practitioner and leader who dedicated 16 years to the University of Hawaiʻi as surgery chair for the John A. Burns School of Medicine—Dr. Thomas J. Whelan, Jr.

The fundraising celebration coincides with the commitment of a sizable anonymous monetary gift to establish the Thomas J. Whelan, Jr., MD Endowed Chair of Surgery.

The Thomas Whelan Gala provided palpable evidence that much of the late Dr. Whelan lives on in the skill, the dedication and even the keen senses of humor to be found among the top-notch Hawaiʻi surgeons who learned their profession at Whelan’s side.

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